What we do

We offer annually consistent supplies of quality onions to major groceries, wholesale markets,distributors nationwide and globally in a variety of packaging, Nature and size grading, As per the costumers requirements.

How it Works?

It all starts with the Bidding and collection process of onions with required quantities and types at fare prices.
Further storage in warehouses followed by the grading process with the help of size measurements ( ranging between 25mm -75mm +)The skilled labour force does this within time and consistency. Then the graded onion is packed in specific required material and size bags or box and weighed down.
The process completes by loading the container and noting down the NETT weight in container. After all this, Documentation processes takes place and the data is collected and also shared with the clients for transparency. 

Onion merchant & export order suppliers

Onion procurement and warehouse facilities

Onion domestic suppliers & Wholesaler   


Our Promise

Both growers and consumers should get their share in terms of profits. Our aim is to become the number one in the industry and this is only possible when our grower the “भुमी पुत्र” will bless us with the quality products and our customers with trust. So, we’ll always look forward for the sustainability in economic viability, environmental protection and social equity. 

Our Expertise

Providing the Best Graded, A1 export Quality Onion Available. With various sizes ranging from- 25+ to 60+ The type of packaging- 5kg, 8kg, 10kg, 18kg, 20Kg, 45kg, 50kg The packaging material- Red mesh, Jute bag and box packing. Also packing for export all size containers is available.   Nature and Type of Onion - Export, Domestic and Storage Quality, Red Onion, Pink or Garwa Onion available From Nashik Maharashtra.  






Siddh Traders always assured the customers for best required quality and service, and always focused in the growth of customer Profitability.
We determined to maximise your business by providing following services, 

Onion merchant & export order suppliers

Onion procurement and warehouse facilities

Onion domestic suppliers & Wholesaler